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About Create-a-Life

Create-a-Life provides personal 1-to-1 coaching services specialising in Life-design, Life-transition and Creativity Coaching. I practice the Co-Active Coaching model, which is a holistic approach to coaching based upon the premise that all people are naturally "creative, resourceful and whole." I apply this philosophy in a variety of approaches to suit your particular needs:

-->Life-design coaching- Designing your own life, instead of your life designing you.

-->Life-transition coaching- Mid-life crisis, change of career, returning to education or employment, changes in family life, etc.

-->Creativity coaching- Enabling "artists" (musician, writers, performing and visual artists) to unleash and direct their natural creativity; enabling "non-artists" to discover their inner artist and live a more creative life.

About Your Coach

Lynn Serafinn is a highly experienced educator, educational manager, 1-to-1 mentor and trainer with an MA in Adult Education. She has also been a professional musician and teacher of music/music technology for many years, and received the Microsoft Innovative Teacher of the Year award in 2005. Over the years, she has worked with hundreds of performing and creative artists, within both the educational and professional artistic world. She has also provided countless students and teachers in creative industries with support and guidance in project management, self-promotion, returning to/progressing in education and professional development. In spite of this seemingly full life, Lynn, as many people do in their early 50s, found herself looking for some elusive element that seemed to be missing. In her search for what that might be, she discovered life coaching, especially the Co-Active style, and found herself irresistibly drawn to its beauty. In a bold decision, she left her professional life to redirect her skills, experience and passions to the coaching profession, in the hope that she could help others achieve the life of fulfilment, joy and creativity everyone deserves.


I offer 1-to-1 personal coaching via telephone anywhere in the UK, as well as face-to-face sessions in the Bedford area. I am also presently designing a series of coaching-oriented workshops in listening skills, managing creative teams, and multi-sensory awareness.


Contact Lynn at or visit the Create-a-Life website for more information at

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