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Personal Life Coaching in UK

With Clodagh Boyd

The people I coach come from all walks of life and come with a range of both personal, creative and work related issues. The skills and experience I've developed over the years as an educator and as a visual artist have given me the resources and insights required to help people to find productive and long lasting solutions to a wide range of issues.

For me, successful life coaching is a constructive process of working through indecision and confusion, sorting out what works and what doesn't, setting realistic and achievable goals and gaining greater self-awareness in the process.

My approach is holistic, which means embracing every aspect of who you are. Effective coaching in my experience, works best by viewing you and your life in the round, made up of seperate, but inextricably linked areas. Change does not happen in isolation, each new direction or step you take will have a positive effect on your life as a whole.

Please visit my website and email me, or call me to for an informal chat.

Name: Clodagh Boyd

Phone: 07960359265



Country/Area: UK