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Personal Life Coaching in Telephone National; Face To Face Brighton Based

With Christina Hirt Coaching Be, Do, Have The Life You Want!

Christina is a fresh new Life Coach who has been using Goal oriented techniques for about 4 years now.

She is very passionate about life coaching and the great changes which can occur in life just by simply taking charge and doing something different.

Life Coaching can help you create a life with the meaning you want. For instance, maybe you are wanting to:

Increase your self-esteem and confidence
Build or improve relationships in your life
Increase your energy levels, health & wellbeing
Find more time for 'You'
Enjoy being a parent more so
Improve your finances or feelings of wealth
Leave your job and start following your own passion

Whatever you are looking to change, Life Coaching is a dynamic process which will help you get there quicker than if you were to do it on your own.

Life Coaching is soo enabling that once you have become good at mastering 'getting to your goals' - you'll find it easy to continue doing this yourself through your life. At that point you may not need Christina at all or may wish to just have some occasional email support.

If this sounds like something you would love to have in your life, please call or email Christina today for a free one hour session.

Make today 'the day' you take charge of your life -
Be, Do, Have - the Life You Want!

Christina Hirt BSc (Hons) Human Geography.

Name: Christina Hirt Coaching - Be, Do, Have - The Life You Want!

Phone: 01273 273340



Country/Area: Telephone - National; Face To Face Brighton Based