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Personal Life Coaching in London, England

With Charles Bentley

Originally graduating in pharmaceutical chemistry at King’s College in the University of London, I went on to gain a master’s degree in the phenomenology of perception and then a doctorate in gestalt psychology and group dynamics, working with Dr Jay Stattman, the director of the Institute of Unitive Psychology at Utrecht, the Netherlands. I subsequently became an associate staff member at the Institute and worked with human potential training groups all over Europe.

My Unitive approach to personal coaching and advanced professional coaching tuition has evolved as a result of my own innovative and extensive experience in this field. It facilitates the self-liberating insight that all our personal problems are not 'out there' - that they have no actual existence in real life but stem from the acquired and illusory ways in which we have learned to perceive it.

Over the last thirty years I have worked as an agent of change with international companies and institutions. During this time I’ve also built up a very successful individual and group private practice, coaching and tutoring media personalities, entrepreneurs and professionals holding key positions within business, entertainment and the arts.

Charles Bentley PhD

Name: Charles Bentley

Phone: 020 7834 0193



Country/Area: London, England