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Personal Life Coaching in Leicester

With Carmen Gilfillan

Stimulus is a life and wellness coaching service run by Carmen Gilfillan, an established trainer, speaker and specialist in personal and professional achievement. Carmen has been involved in extensive research and development within this field for well over ten years.

As well as being a qualified Life Coach Carmen is also a Reiki Practitioner, and so brings the benefits of this field into her practice.

If you are stuck in a rut, feel that your life is going nowhere or just need to get your life back on track, Life and Wellness Coaching may be what you need.

Life and wellness coaching is an extremely powerful form of coaching that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be not only from an emotional point of view but also from a wellness standpoint.

As distinct from counselling, Life Coaching with Carmen takes you through a process of identifying what is currently blocking you on a mental, physical or emotional level, breaking through the blockages and moving you forward.

As well as using proven life coaching techniques, Carmen integrates the benefits of Reiki for those who need support on a deeper level. She also has experience of using Emotional Freedom Therapy to successfully help people deal with emotional and physical challenges.

Life and wellness coaching assists you, through the use of specific coaching tools, to increase your self awareness and take a fresh look at your life. With this new perspective you can then start to make significant changes.

Coaching Action Plan

Coach and client work together to produce an action plan that you can incorporate into your life. The plan is tailor made to unblock the hindrances in your life that have previously held you back. The aim is to establish specific, achievable targets you can work towards to create the life you want.

The sessions start with an assessment of your needs and whether life and wellness coaching is the most appropriate form of coaching for you.


Life and Wellness Coaching can lead to powerful shifts both in the way you think about yourself, how you feel and how you behave.

Previous clients have gone on to make major changes in their lives: from feeling a renewed sense of self worth, re-building their businesses, changing careers to finding a life partner.

It could do the same for you.


"The [Life Coaching] sessions were clearly explained, well structured and conducted in a friendly but professional manner. Carmen...was easy to talk to and able to apply great logic to difficult situations. Thank you."

J Reeve - Life Coaching client

For details contact Carmen on 0116 289 3993 or email

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Country/Area: Leicester