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Personal Life Coaching in UK, International

With Brigid Cooling

I am a fully qualified life and business coach working with clients all over the world - UK, US, Egypt, Gulf for example.

I use mainly telephone coaching. I also specialise in internet messenger (chat) coaching which is particularly suitable for people who have hearing or speaking difficulties or people who prefer to express themselves in writing rather than speaking.

I have experience in coaching a wide range of issues, both for those who want to achieve something specific, and for those who want to find a way to take the scenic route through life, living more fully in the Now.

See my website for details on the kinds of topics I have coached and for testimonials.

I also have a free workshop on my website to help you understand where you are right now in your life (you can also download it in workbook form if you prefer).

As I use my phone for my work, it is best to email me to arrange a good time for us to have an initial chat.

My rates are reasonable and you can pay using PayPal or by direct bank credit. A deposit of £30 is required at the time of booking a formal coaching session (normally 45 minutes in length). Our initial discussion is free and without obligation.

If you wish to book a much longer slot (2-4 hours) then this is possible. Terms are agreed on a 'case by case' basis.

I am occasionally able to offer substantially reduced rates for those willing to be part of my Continuing Professional Development requirements. In these cases, occasional calls may be monitored for assessment or quality control purposes, or you may agree to have your 'case' written up for credentialling purposes,or I may wish to trail new material.

Let me know if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

Name: Brigid Cooling

Phone: +44(0)845 308 2489 (UK Local Call) or +44(0)208 123 9819



Country/Area: UK, International