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Personal Life Coaching in Brighton, UK

With Breakthrough Therapies And Coaching

Coaching is about transformation, the link that enables us to transform our dreams and imagination into reality.

Why invest in Coaching?

* Feeling stuck?
* Procrastinating?
* Lack direction, motivation, self-confidence, time-management skills?
* Feeling overwhelmed?
* Want results, energy, excitement, fun, security, fulfilment?

My commitment to you:

* I will offer you 100% commitment
* I will support you every step of the way, keeping you focussed and on track, enhancing the skills, resources and creativity already within you.
* I will have total belief in you and your ability to be, do and have whatever it is you choose.
* I will have high expectations for you.
* I will assist you in finding out whatever it was holding you back and moving towards and achieving your goal(s).
* I will make a plan of action with you, and if necessary gently challenge and stretch you.
* I will assist you to move from your present state - to your desired state, have fun along the way... and turn your dreams into reality!

Your commitment to yourself:

* Your willingness to give 100% commitment to our partnership and your journey to realise your magnificence and your dreams!

Jenny is an:

* NLP Coach and Accredited Master Practitioner (2001) * Life and Performance Coach (Dip)
* EFT (Adv)
* CBT (Cert)

I am based in Brighton and work with clients either face to face or by phone and email.

If the time is right for you to change now, please call!
(or visit for further information.)

Name: Breakthrough Therapies And Coaching

Phone: 01273 500 467



Country/Area: Brighton, UK