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Personal Life Coaching in UK & Costa Rica.

With Boost You Life Coaching

My name is Tanya Cummings and my practice is called boost-you, and I relish the opportunity to encourage and support people in exploring, and ultimately flourishing from life's challenges – big or small. From Personal through to Career and Relationship Coaching,I help you gain new insights and perspectives and we work together so that you reach your goals and live a more joyful and fulfilling life. Let me explain why a coaching relationship with me can work for you:

* I listen to you, and make no judgements
* You get results; you'll look back and be amazed at how far you've come
* I want you to succeed. And I want you to enjoy life and feel good about what you're doing. I am here to support you in your endeavours because I really believe you can DO and BE what you want
* I've worked in a host of creative and other pressurised environments for many years and can relate and support you through both personal and work experiences
* I'm affordable. * I am warm, personable and there for YOU

Here's how one of my clients summed up her experience:

"Tanya has an innate ability to observe a person and then coach in a way that the recipient finds themselves wanting to learn and improve their lives through the course of actions they develop together. So beautifully does she do this that there is no painful lesson to endure – instead, there is a dawning realization of the power of the self, and the importance of self-love. She is a warm, loving human being who truly cares about people, and she encourages them to reach inside and try to be the best they can be." CW, London, UK

Most of the coaching is done over the phone, though I also have clients who prefer to see me face to face. So, wherever you live in the world, I'm just a phone call away. Are you ready to explore YOU? Then get in contact today!

Name: Boost-You Life Coaching

Phone: 07855 865 769 (UK) & (506) 787 8129 (Costa Rica)



Country/Area: UK & Costa Rica.