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Personal Life Coaching in Telephone & Skype Anywhere Or Face To Face Norwich & London

With Bo Davis

As a qualified Personal and Professional Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Therapist I can can offer you the support, encouragement and understanding needed to create positive life changes. I have specific interest and experience in supporting Creatives, Career Change, Confidence and low self esteem issues and the Targets of Workplace Bullying.

Coaching can unlock the door to your dreams and potential by engaging your thoughts and imagination to deal with ideas and goals, identify solutions and eventual achievements by encouraging you to learn rather than being taught.

There are two basic Life Coaching principles:

We are all unique and need a unique approach.
We already have all the answers we just need to know the questions.

As your Life Coach, I will support you through the changes you want to make and the life balance you want to achieve, helping you find clarity and focus in all areas of your life. Life Coaching promotes empowerment, fulfilment and learning and therefore changes, be it in the areas of career, work satisfaction, relationships, stress management and health. I am very experienced in listening to people, understanding unspoken feelings and guiding clients to any underlying issues that may hinder their progress. People say I am warm, supportive and enthusiastic with a good sense of humour. I am committed to work alongside you, giving encouragement and challenges, or simply a sounding board, offering non-judgemental coaching for your growing confidence and belief in you.

I offer a resourceful space as well as proven therapy techniques to support you moving forward with your life and to achieve powerful, lasting results. My commitment and focus together with yours make a dynamic vehicle to realise your aspirations. In my experience people find the whole coaching experience stimulating and inspirational in helping them gain greater self-confidence to achieve their goals.

Name: Bo Davis

Phone: 07932039818



Country/Area: Telephone & Skype - Anywhere Or Face To Face - Norwich & London