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Personal Life Coaching in London And Somerset

With Becky Wright

Personal Life Coaching is available with Becky Wright from New Leaf.

Life Coaching helps you determine and achieve personal goals. It enables you to make decisions, grow and develop as a specialist practitioner. Becky will help you through the process of setting and reaching specific and immediate goals. You will of course decide what these goals are. Meetings are structured in nature and are focused on specific development areas.

Becky Wright is a full member of the Association for Coaching. The Association for Coaching promote excellence & ethics in coaching


"The intervention of Life Coaching has made a significant impact on my working life in a very positive way. Becky has been instrumental in posing the right questions that have challenged my perceptions about my abilities. In turn this has helped me to realise that I haven't yet tapped my full potential in my current role. This has fuelled me to review some of my working practices in order to make more of an impact."

"Life coaching is a vehicle to self achievement. Becky channels thoughts, feelings and behavioural pattern and can explain the effects of a particular behaviour trait, for example, and positive steps in how to correct them. It is an empowering feeling to have someone listen to you uninterrupted for set period of time and to be able to unravel this into a semblance of a plan of action, the notes prepared afterwards make you realise a certain pattern of behaviour and then you can put into practice the tips that are passed on in these sessions on how to change them in a way that feels meaningful."

Name: Becky Wright

Phone: 07590684888



Country/Area: London And Somerset