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Personal Life Coaching in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

With Antoinette Barnardo

Achieve Anything specialises in the development and growth of human beings which will positively affect their lives, jobs and relationships. We believe that in order to thrive as human beings, we need to engage fully with life and people in order to get ahead and flourish within groups or teams or on our own.

We believe that all change begins with the individual who is part of a greater whole and we therefore provide focus and attention to create awareness and shifts within that individual who will impact a team, a company a peer or a family member in a positive manner.

All changes we experience at an individual level filters directly into our surrounding environments which in turn impacts our:

  • Decision making processes
  • Our ability to act (or not) upon decisions taken
  • Our ability to be responsible for our actions
  • Our values and what we deem important or necessary
  • Our relationships with our peers
  • Our relationships with our colleagues and manager/s
  • Our relationships with our family; and
  • Our relationship with ourselves

Our methodology and processes involve intense workshops and seminars and/or personal coaching which require the following from participating individuals and/or teams:

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Full engagement and participation
  • Focus
  • A level of openness to consider another possibility to our current one

Our workshops and/or personal coaching guarantee to deliver:

  • Clarity of purpose (of goals, key performance areas of roles of tasks)
  • Confidence
  • Overall improved performance (individual and team/departmental)
  • Increased power and assertiveness
  • Improved overall communication (straight talking)
  • Acute awareness of what is
  • Use of effective tools and methodologies in private life and professional life
  • Greater focus on what is important
  • The ability to act upon

What We Offer:

Personal coaching and/or tailor-made courses for individuals or groups who:

  • Want to achieve goals (weight loss, studies, a new job, embark on a new relationship or save a current scenario, etc..)
  • Want to overcome obstacles in her/her personal life
  • Want improve relationships on a personal level
  • Want to improve communication on a personal level
  • Want to stop self-sabotage
  • Want things to be different in their lives but aren t clear how to go about doing that or implementing
  • Want to GET THINGS DONE!

Tailor-made courses for professionals who:

  • Are in team-leading or managerial roles which require a certain skill-set to exceed in their jobs
  • Are dissatisfied with their current role and responsibilities at work
  • Want to overcome obstacles in their jobs
  • Want a promotion
  • Want to improve professional relationships (self and other)
  • Want to improve communication in the workplace (self and other)
  • Want to improve their team s overall dynamics
  • Want to improve their bottom line or increase sales
  • Want to improve overall work efficiency (self and other)
  • Want to increase productivity (self and other)
  • Want to increase performance (self and other)
  • Want to GET THINGS DONE!

Examples of what our courses cover:

  • 1. Focusing on the task at hand
  • 2. Agreements and how to handle those
  • 3. Setting a context within to operate and adhere to
  • 4. The power of our language
  • 5. Being committed and taking responsibility
  • 6. Self-sabotage
  • 7. Communication - all types
  • 8. Action!
  • 9. Who are the saboteurs in our lives/jobs?
  • 10. Discomfort zones
  • 11. Defining vision, mission and values
  • 12. The art of completion
  • 13. Bridge building to take us forward

Name: Antoinette Barnardo

Phone: +44 (0) 759 583 7647



Country/Area: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom