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Personal Life Coaching in Buckinghamshire

With Amy Deane

Amy has been coaching individuals and groups for 7 years and is currently launching her own unique Coaching Programme, The Whole Works, which will be detailed on her new website from the end of January 2009. The Whole Works incorporates face to face coaching, telephone coaching and 3 valuable workshops with 3 valued experts in Positive Psychology, Visualisation and planning next steps.

Amy helps her clients re-evaluate their lives and grasp the challenge of change as an exciting opportunity. The result for her clients is renewed confidence, a greater and deeper understanding of themselves and a passion and excitement about getting what they want out of life.


“I found my Coaching experience with Amy, effective, inspiring and at times challenging! I embarked on the process feeling tired, run down, stressed and generally feeling a bit powerless over the direction my life and particularly my career, was taking. I have emerged 12 weeks later with renewed sense of purpose and a positive view of the direction that I want my career (and my life) to take, and armed with the information and processes to make this happen.” B, Hertfordshire

"Amy has something very special, a genuine compassion for people.Working with Amy was exactly what I needed to kick start my new life.What I needed from Amy was the confidence to go forward. Two years later and I’m speaking in public and my business is flourishing, I would never have been able to do this had I not had coaching with Amy, she made me reach for and fulfil my potential. I am going from strength to strength." J, Buckinghamshire

"I would highly recommend Amy as a coach. She has enthusiasm, empathy and the ability to get you thinking! I have found her help invaluable and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who either feels they don't know where they are going or knows where they would like to be but doesn't know how to get there." M, Buckinghamshire

Name: Amy Deane

Phone: 01494 778761



Country/Area: Buckinghamshire