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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Albert G. Tobler

You have every chance of success which you give yourself!

Albert G. Tobler (AC accredited) has more than 25 years of experience in coaching. His scientifically proven coaching approach is based on introspection and meditative techniques and labelled as work-life balance awareness coaching. This learning approach supports individual and corporate issues and guarantees the independent and self-responsible work of the coachee. Albert G. Tobler speaks German and English and is used to "crack the hardest nuts" or work with so-called "therapy-resistant clients. Some of his further specialities are drama-based team building events, concept developing workshops and one2one coaching training courses.

To convince yourself and make up your mind there is always the possibility for a free and noncommittal pre-consultation.

As said - give yourself the chance and call...

Name: Albert G. Tobler

Phone: 020 7722 6756



Country/Area: London