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Personal Life Coaching in UK/Midlands

With Adrian Holdstock Galilee Coaching

What is really important to me is that people find and use their true capabilities in the context of the whole of their lives. I enjoy coaching and mentoring to help people do this.

I also enjoy using my leadership, team building and facilitation skills to add maximum value by helping companies and organisations to develop their vision, create wholesome operational designs and help individuals, groups and teams to achieve success.

My personal mission statement is to become fully what I am capable of becoming, loving and being loved by God, family and close friends and myself, and making a difference to people's lives, both in groups and individually, creating with and through them order, harmony and fulfilment.

My business values are to do work that:

- Makes a difference to people's lives
- Includes opportunities for service to others
- Meets the highest ethical standards
- Is consistent with my core and career values

I have worked at senior level and with company directors in the armed forces and industry and in lead roles with two not-for-profit organisations. I have experience and expertise in operational, line, project and change management, process re-engineering and quality improvement programmes. I know the challenges and stresses of executive life. My coaching will bring you new perspectives, a sounding board in total confidence, and the challenge of someone who holds your success in the highest regard. Build on your strengths and enthusiasm to achieve your ambitions.


Name: Adrian Holdstock Galilee Coaching

Phone: 07792 452 669



Country/Area: UK/Midlands