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With (Ms) Glen Ladegaard Confidence Coaching


How to Find and Boost your Confidence to bring back balance to your life.

Training as a professional personal life coach with the well known UK Achievement Specialists was a natural progression for me. To be able to usefully and proficiently apply what I’d always been doing fulfilled an aspiration in me.

My specialty is supporting and guiding you to reclaim your confidence and/or self esteem using the intuition and wisdom you already have inside you. Together we can then reshape your new life around your priorities and dreams (don’t worry if you don’t know what they are, we’ll work that out too). With the use of the powerful Intuition Cards and some great tools, you’ll be empowered to get back on track and most importantly, stay there. I know how to do this because I was there once.

Through my life journey and experience, I firmly believe that the foundation for a happy life is a sound, positive self image and confidence. What and who you are is not on the exterior, it is on the inside. It always has been, still is and always will be. Whatever is going on in your life which is outside your control, you have the ability to choose your thoughts and feelings, and select those that support peak vitality and honour YOU .

I provide a safe, supportive space where you can be yourself and voice whatever is holding you back. Once you let go, you can move mountains, just wait and see! I’m dedicated and enthusiastic about seeing people happy with their lives. Contact me on to arrange an obligation free chat to explore how we can shape the next chapter of your life. For more information, visit my website

(Ms) Glen Ladegaard 
Confidence Coaching 


“Glen is not only one of the most wonderful and beautiful people you will ever meet, she is also a dynamic and inspired entrepreneur. She has created with the GoddessGuides Cards, a most incredible tool to help individuals get a deep and profound insight into many areas of their life. This tool should be a must for most professional coaches.” Gerard O’Donovan, Chairman and Founder, Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd., UK


“Glen’s energy and ‘feet on the ground’ coaching combined with the ethereal guidance from the exquisite GoddessGuides deck is a winning formula. In only six sessions working together, I was able to move from the pain of feeling stuck, to a place of absolute trust, which allowed me to stop panicking. Once my energy shifted to a more peaceful vibration, I was able to see opportunities and take action with faith and confidence. Glen is a real gem.” Fay Hart, Mexico


"The GoddessGuide Cards are simply wonderful affirmations of life. They can serve as clear signposts when you are uncertain which way to turn, or when life is threatening to overwhelm. Not only has Glen painted exquisite images and symbols of the feminine, but she has also used inspirational words to soothe the weary, heal the weak, and encourage the wary. I highly recommend these cards to anyone wishing to glean a higher insight into themselves through this evocative and intuitive method of self-knowledge." Dr. Gabriella Kortsch, Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach Spain 


Name: (Ms) Glen Ladegaard - Confidence Coaching

Phone: skype ~ Glen Ladegaard or call (61) 459 343 828



Country/Area: Anywhere In The World