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How to start having coaching clients contact YOU - instead of you chasing THEM (...and make Google love you in the process)


"I've had 90 clicks through to my webpage over the last three months resulting in many new clients. This has paid for itself time and time again and really is a must if you're looking for clients."

- Boris The Coach


You became a coach because you wanted to spend your workday helping people, and yet you find that what is taking up most of your time is promoting your services... it seems people are not willing to be helped!


Face it: getting new clients is hard work. Putting yourself out there is not always fun. Because when you do, you will find that:

- People are reluctant to invest money in their development.

- Helping potential clients to recognise that the investment in themselves will be worthwhile ends in frustration.

- It is surprisingly hard to get across the message of how useful coaching can be at times of change or people being stuck.

...or even sometimes wasting time with some "potential clients" pretending to be interested in coaching but in reality are just after a date...


FindaLifeCoach Gets You Found by Prospects Already Looking For Coaching. Say Goodbye to frustrating time wasters who don´t "get" coaching and Hello to people ready to invest in themselves and eagerly looking for coaching support.


You see the problem is you may be doing the right things - at the wrong places.

Imagine you were in a room full of individuals who are interested in personal development and understand the benefits and rewards it can bring. Do you think they would understand what you bring to the table faster than those lawyers and bankers (no disrepect intended...) at last week´s networking event? Right, I thought so too.

People go online looking for help, proactively searching for your services. But if they can´t see you, it´s like you don´t exist.

Wouldn´t it be nice to have a steady stream of clients who understand your ethos?

Imagine plenty of people being lined up in a queue waiting to be coached... that´s what this site gets every, single, day. is the room you want to come in with your full deck of business cards handy (here, even lawyers and bankers understand life coaching! ;).

Here´s what you get when you join us, one of the leading life coaching websites in the UK:

  • Your own profile with as long a description of your services as you find necessary, listed in the area you prefer (life coaching, career coaching... etc.). Even if you don´t have a website, clients can find and contact you.
  • A link to your website (SEO you say? Yes, Google loves authority sites like this one pointing to your website - it interprets that your site is about life coaching and will help your site rank in the search engines when people look for related topics. Nice, right? That by itself is worth the price of admission).
  • Ability for prospects to contact you DIRECTLY. Straight into your email inbox - we don´t mess with your business.

Join the Crowd: 1124 members since 2003 (and counting) can´t be wrong...

Want to hear what some of our members have to say?:

"This is an outstanding resource for my coaching practice, I've had 90 clicks through to my webpage over the last three months resulting in many new clients. This has paid for itself time and time again and really is a must if you're looking for clients. To give you a comparative idea doing the same with Google, apart from being more complicated has cost me three times as much. Keep up the good work!" Boris the Coach (

"I would just like to say what a great site "Find A Life Coach" is. My reasons for writing this is I always believe in giving credit when it's due. I have seen many sites offering a similar service, they promise coverage, hits, and visits etc to your site and to be honest they don't! They also ask a much higher premium than this site does, so all in all that's what makes this one great! Reasonably priced and I have had much traffic from it, so in my opinion it's a winner!" B. Allen (

"I've had several clients from my listings on Find a Life Coach, and I think it's an excellent website. The fee for a listing is a snip when compared to the visibility and business the directory generates. I highly recommend this service to other coaches. " Jackie Fletcher (Transitions Life Coaching).

"I have had masses of business from Find a Life Coach for my personal coaching brand. I am sure that I would have a similar result if I listed my business coaching brand too......" Karen Skehel (Life Coach).


Isn't that an inspiring email to read?

Congratulations to you Karen. You took action, you made a decision, and look at what happened. Results are attracted to decisive people and you deserve every client you got.

Can you afford not to be part of this important resource?

Membership to a regular directory for 5 years costs £750. You read that right! That´s was monthly payments will do to your pocket.

Assuming you only joined such a directory for 1 year, and then cancelled your subscription (woops, say goobye to your profile entry and link), it would still cost you £150.

And how much does the FindaLifeCoach membership cost?

Just £49. 

For as long as the site exists! (it´s been online since 2003...). One time payment, no recurring costs. That´s it.


Can I be listed in more than one area?

To appear in more than one area (eg. lifecoaching AND business coaching), simply submit an entry and payment for each from this page, selecting the different area from the scroll down in the form below every time.

Do I need to have a website?

No, you don´t. However, if that is the case, it is recommended put as much information as possible in your profile. Most coaches use their website link as the main source for further information if the prospect is interested after reading their profile.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you don´t love FindaLifeCoach, you have a full 60 days to email us and we´ll refund every penny immediately.

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