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Hypnotherapy in London

With Teresa McCrone

I am a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and also a registered general nurse.

I offer hypnotherapy for habit breaking such as smoking, nail-biting and weight control; also stress, insomnia and phobias. I treat physical disorders with a psycho-somatic approach. I have had good success with back pain, asthma, rashes, tinnitus and irritable bowel syndrome, relieving the sypmtoms of polycystic ovaries, and menstrual pain.

I am also a hypnobirthing practitioner and can help women to have a comfortable pain-free birth.

The issues listed above are usually treated with hypnostherapy. My NLP skills are usually directed towards creating positive mental attitudes and to bring about success.

My approach is centred on the goals of the individual client.

Name: Teresa McCrone

Phone: 020 7467 8526



Country/Area: London