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Hypnotherapy in United Kingdom

With Robert D Naylor Long

Infinite Possibilities Therapy services covers the Essex  & Hertfordshire  areas, operating in Church Langley, Harlow, and offering services to people looking to enhance and change their lives through a range of cognitive, linguistic and holistic therapies including:

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Life-Change Therapy (LCT)
Past Life Regression
Reiki Healing & Hypno-Reiki

ip-therapy  offers tailored services to meet the needs of every individual, providing confidential and caring therapy to people from all walks, and at all stages of life, who are looking to seek assistance for a variety of reasons.

By working closely with you in a professional, caring, genuine and empowering way, we aim to create a space of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES  which will help you to develop a deeper, clearer understanding of yourself and others around you.

Name: Robert D Naylor-Long

Phone: 01279 323 562



Country/Area: United Kingdom