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Hypnotherapy in Central London (Bloomsbury)

With Philip Smee

Whether you’re trying to:
• Conquer a fear or phobia
• Achieve sports goals that seem to be just outside your grasp
• Gain the confidence to present at work or elsewhere
• Cope better with stress
• Sleep well at night

or any other situation where you’re feeling challenged or stressed, hypnotherapy is a solution that provides you with the help you need.

You can overcome those blocks that are stopping you living the life you really want. Imagine what life would be like:

• When you can sit down in an aeroplane and look forward to the flight
• When the sight of a spider doesn’t send you running from the room
• When you achieve the marathon time or golf score you know you are capable of
• If you could stand up and make your point in front of a group of any size and feel confident and competent
• When you wake up in the morning rested and refreshed

Take the first step to changing how you live your life now, by calling Philip directly on 07948 093 755

Name: Philip Smee

Phone: 07948 093 755



Country/Area: Central London (Bloomsbury)