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Hypnotherapy in Islington, London

With Jane Lewis

Sometimes coaching is not enough to shift old habits, or the way we feel about ourselves. Hypnotherapy offers a powerful way of re-training your mind to shift old patterns easily.

Whether you want to stop smoking (usually takes one session), increase your self confidence, manage pain or even blushing, then hypnotherapy can help you. I have successfully worked with clients around all these issues, and many more. I use self-hypnosis for relaxation, and I teach my clients how to use it too.

Hypnotherapy works best face to face. I am based in London, and I see clients from London and beyond.

I have a background in psychology, I'm a certified instructor of hypnosis, and I have a diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. I am also a Mastger Practitioner and certified Trainer of NLP (which draws extensively on Hypnosis), and Time Line Therapy. I've been in practice since 1998.

If you would like to know more, please email me on

Name: Jane Lewis

Phone: 07977 445910



Country/Area: Islington, London