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Hypnotherapy in London

With Francesca Gordon Smith

Positive Voice: Therapy for WOMEN

Do you ever feel opressed by your lack of confidence?

Do you hold back from voicing your opinion at work?

Do you shy away from making presentations?

The majority of women answer yes to at least one of these statements at some point in their lives. This needn't be the case. Communication can be a liberating and enjoyable experience at all levels, whatever the occasion.

I'm a public speaking trainer and confidence coach. I work with women to help them release any fears and limiting beliefs that may be hindering their career progression or destroying their social life.

I use therapies, such as Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, alongside practical training in public speakingand communication skills.

I offer a FREE telephone consultation and mini coaching session. During this time, I can then suggest the best means of helping you to overcome any issues that may have been hindering you.

My aim is to teach all my clients to become their own coach. I do this by sharing some of the tools which I have used to help myself become more grounded and at peace.

Contact Francesca directly on: 07903 954 550
07903 954 550

Name: Francesca Gordon-Smith

Phone: 07903 954 550



Country/Area: London