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Hypnotherapy in UK, Birmingham, Solihull, Stratford Upon Avon

With Brenda Bentley

Would like to gain relief from a specific emotional issue, eradicate a unhealthy habit, gain more confidence or learn how to make positive difference in your life then cognitive hypnotherapy offers treatments to deliver an effective approach which integrates a mindfulness approach to therapeutic change.

Brenda Bentley has over 10 years of experience as a hypnotherapist in Birmingham and surrounding areas. This means you will learn how your mind works, learn how to let go of past negative experiences and thought patterns making you seem stuck, heal yourself and change your life from the inside out.

Brenda uses her years of experience, knowledge, wisdom and caring approach to empower her clients to reach their highest potential and become truly joyful and happy in their lives.

Name: Brenda Bentley

Phone: 07948801229



Country/Area: UK, Birmingham, Solihull, Stratford Upon Avon