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Health Coaching in By Telephone Nationally. Face To Face Coaching North West Wales

With Rhona Morris

* Worried about your health?
* Tired of feeling tired?
* Suffering from pain or illness that won’t go away?
* Desperate to lose weight and reclaim your life?

HEALTH FOR LIFE ™ is a my dynamic coaching programme that helps solve your health concerns in a way that’s quite different from many traditional approaches. With specialised attention and my full support, you will become pro-active in your own healthcare and finally get to the root cause of what sabotages your well-being.

I am an accredited Personal Coach with a Diploma in Professional Coaching. My interest in health awareness goes back more than twenty five years when I decided to change my diet and my whole lifestyle to improve the quality of my life. Even my vision improved! Having been short-sighted from the age of 14, I discovered that as my inner world became clearer and more relaxed, I was able to see the world around me much clearer and gave up wearing glasses altogether.

My passion for natural health has been present for as long as I can remember. Whilst I believe diet and exercise are fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, it is only when we create inner changes and restore harmony and balance to our unique way of being, that lasting health will occur.

Making the time to understand what's really happening when we are ill, in pain or overweight is a commitment to improve not only the quality of our health, but of our whole life. By taking full responsibility for our own wellbeing, we are choosing to free up our mind to more of life's opportunities to create lasting happiness and a sense of being truly alive.

My HEALTH FOR LIFE ™ Programme helps you assess your current state of health and well-being, build up a profile of your patterns of thinking, eating, living, feeling and being and identify what affects your energy on a daily basis. You will get in touch with your own personal health needs and learn how to process emotions healthily instead of being overloaded with internal and external pressures.

An illness often highlights something in our life that is in need of attention so, if you have a particular health concern, we will look beneath the surface to find what’s happening and discover what message the illness might have for you.

Creating a vision of how your life will be with total wellness is a powerful aid to motivation so I will help you concentrate your thoughts and your feelings on well-being, good health and vitality. Imagine waking up every morning full of energy and vitality..... If you have a desire to get your health and your life back on track, then get in touch for an initial discussion to see how HEALTH FOR LIFE ™ could help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Clients say:

“I started a journey with Rhona on a subject that was certainly without its challenges. From the first call, I found Rhona to have an amazing warmth and friendliness and it was a pure pleasure to be coached by her. As a coach, Rhona would challenge me every step of my journey forcing me to see me and break through the predetermined and now untrue beliefs I had which stopped me moving forward. Rhona tried out different styles and methods of coaching with me to which I felt after each session that we had been on a roller coaster ride, with Rhona by my side every step of the way. I have come to the end of the journey truly amazed with the positive effect Rhona’s coaching has had on me.” P.M., Aberdeen

“It felt supportive and comforting to have the total attention of such a wise person with integrity to delve into all aspects of my life which needed attention. I am much happier and sure of myself and my direction in life. Life is so much more enjoyable. I feel free.” J.W., Anglesey

“I decided to try life coaching with Rhona after a period of feeling that my life was not providing me with the satisfaction or reward that I deserved. My career was drifting and I had a feeling that I was destined for bigger and better things. Life coaching has definitely enabled me to focus on the positive aspects of my life and taught me to appreciate them more as well as putting negative aspects into perspective and breaking the mindset that makes them appear insurmountable. I have the foundation stones to take my life to a higher level and to fulfil my true potential. I would recommend life coaching to others with similar issues in their lives.” T.S., York

“My coaching with Rhona has been really valuable to me. There are things that I have been struggling with inside for ages but there’s no way I would even think about doing anything about them as it would be sure to get me into ‘hot water’ ….. or so I thought. Talking things through was interesting at the time and as the sessions came to a close, each time I knew that it actually was possible to deal with things and that really, for me, I had no choice. The coaching gave me the courage to go ahead and tackle difficult conversations and they worked out just fine and not landing me into my perceived hot water at all! Also it helped to remind me of what I need to keep my life balanced and happy although it is an ongoing learning process and I still need reminding of these things sometime! Thanks Rhona!” K.M. West Wales

“I felt that Rhona provided the framework within which I could understand myself better, see things differently and establish new patterns of thought and behaviour. Rhona gave me the tools to help myself and challenged me at critical points when I clung to old habits of thinking. I was provided with additional back-up material when I reached a cross-roads in my journey and wasn’t sure which direction was for me. I cannot say anything negative about my coaching because it was such an enjoyable and positive experience.” J.L. Anglesey

Name: Rhona Morris

Phone: 01286 676838



Country/Area: By Telephone Nationally. Face To Face Coaching - North West Wales