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Health Coaching in Leicestershire UK

With Clearskies Life Coaching

Clearskies Life Coaching for a clear bright tomorrow. Health and wellness coaching for the whole you.

When we are healthy and well we feel more energetic, achieve more, enjoy what we do more, smile more, laugh more, and look forward to the future.

Wellness coaching helps you to maximise your health in a way that fits into your life. We are all different and each have our own health needs.

Clearskies Life Coaching with Theresa Thornton can help you to optimise your health in a managable way. Finding the best way to be the best you. Specialising in diet, fitness, stress management, smoking cessation, work life balance and coping with chronic disease.

Coaching can be via telephone and email or personal consultation within the midlands area. Please call for further information.

Name: Clearskies Life Coaching

Phone: 0845 094 0091



Country/Area: Leicestershire UK