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With The Weight Loss Life Coach

I am a life coach who specialises in helping people with food, weight and body image issues. Having suffered for 15 years with bulimia, binge eating and compulsive over eating I discovered a way to recovery and I am now living a new, happy and deeply fulfilling life. I have lost my excess weight (over 5 stone) without dieting or restricting my food intake and can show you how you can too. By embarking on life coaching with me you will become and remain at your ideal weight for the rest of your life while being able to eat the foods you love in unlimited quantities. Unlike normal therapy, I use life coaching to show you how you can fill the space food obsession is currently taking in your life, with a new, happy and fulfilling life. You will learn to love your body and to enjoy eating. You will get in touch with your body's natural hunger signals. Obsession with food and weight will be replaced with new and healthy ways of dealing with your life without turning to food.

Name: The Weight Loss Life Coach

Phone: 01592 873782



Country/Area: Telephone National & International, Face To Face In Fife