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Health Coaching in Solihull

With Robert Waghmare

META-Medicine diagnosis - provides a revolutionary diagnostic system which pinpoints the root emotional cause and traumatic life events behind any health challenge. For example back pain is linked with conflict of self worth e.g. feelings of inferiority in relationship to other people, skills or career etc...

META-Health Coaching takes coaching to a the state of the art, bio-psycho-social health coaching assists a client by providing highly specific information and increased self awareness about their health issues to understand how they recreate the circumstances for their health challenge and provides a framework for change

META-Therapy planning & return to health Navigation indicates therapeutic priorities and empowers client with the correct information so that the client is able to begin to take responsibility for their health and is empowered to be able to overcoming their health challenge.

A META-Health Coach can assist a client to take charge of their health identify the root cause of any health issue remove barriers and overcome the many barriers people experience toward personal health. NB Often a client will be required to use therapies in conjunction with META-Health Coaching.

META-Health Coach Training - Join a rapidly growing community and learn about the most advanced health coaching system on the planet.


Name: Robert Waghmare

Phone: 0845 838 6787



Country/Area: Solihull