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Health Coaching in Herts, Essex

With Richard Birtchnell Winter

PERFECT PERCEPTION specializes in transformational coaching, we deal with past problems that now hold us back in our day to day life. We offer coaching sessions that dig deep into the core of the situation which is restricting progression and find out where this first ocurred, sometimes it can go back as far as childhood. We then assist you to see the situation in a balanced way that takes the fear and worry away and gives you freedom to see the past from a new prospective and a release from that which held you back. The system used relies on seeing things from the heart and not so much of the brain and analyzing what happened, it is a search for resolve from the past so to bring the power back to you in the present moment and live into a future you love.

Name: Richard Birtchnell-Winter

Phone: 07745940094



Country/Area: Herts, Essex