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Career Coaching in Bristol/Bath/Cheltenham/Swindon Or UK Wide By Telephone

With Sue Butler


Sue works with people in change. She helps them for example to change direction; win a promotion; return to work after a break; find a job after redundancy; attain more work/life balance; prepare for retirement; and many more.

She provides a structure within which clients can take stock, explore their options and plan a way forward. Sue encourages clients to review their careers in the context of their life as a whole. This process enables them to take informed decisions that will lead to a fulfilling working life.

In addition to career planning, Sue equips clients with job search skills including CV Writing, Networking and Interviewing, that will lead to a successful career transition.

Sue also works with clients whose focus is primarily personal. She offers a powerful and supportive framework for clients who are at a crossroads and want to move forward in their lives but aren't sure where or how.

Sue's clients are both individuals and organisations. They can chose to work face to face, on the telephone, on skype, or a mixture of all three.

Sue also runs workshops on topics such as Managing Your Career; Job Search Skills; Give Your Life a Makeover; Drive Your Life, Drive Your Style (in conjunction with an image consultant).

About Sue Butler

Sue has worked as a career coach for the past 20 years, initially in house with the BBC, then as a consultant with organisations in all sectors, and now with her own business. She has coached hundreds of people, one to one and in groups, through change and towards a satisfying career. She has also managed several of her own career changes.

Sue was trained by Coaches Training Institute, the leading global provider, and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling at Work from the University of Bristol.

Two clients have commented:
"I found our discussions very useful, especially in terms of giving me a wider and different perspective on my current job and its impact on me, what I can offer to the University, and wider aspects of my life and how all the elements fit together and should fit together." and

"On paper, I had a successful career and marriage, but I was deeply unhappy. I felt like I had lost myself Ė I was working too hard, acting out in ways I didnít like, questioning my marriage, and I didnít know what I wanted anymore.

Sue helped me find my inner voice again. Learning to listen to myself has given me the courage to start on a new career path, and to re-discover what I loved about my husband. I am so happy now, and I feel like I know who I am again. Most importantly, Sue gave me tools that I can use if I ever feel lost again."

Name: Sue Butler

Phone: 01454 218036



Country/Area: Bristol/Bath/Cheltenham/Swindon Or UK-Wide By Telephone