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Career Coaching in Bath

With Sally Bradford Dip HCL

I am a qualified and experienced life coach offering confidential and friendly, confidence, personal development and career life coaching. I use tried and tested methodology and personal experience to enable you to achieve your goals.

Are you looking for life, career, personal development or confidence coaching?

• At a career crossroads?
• Facing challenges and want to make changes but don’t know where to start?
• Returning to work after an extended period away or following redundancy?
• A small business owner or manager who wants clarity, pace and support?
• Ready to make some big life decisions and a plan of action?
• Want to build your self belief and confidence?

I work with you, in complete confidence, to deliver real results personally, professionally or both. You can gain clarity about what you really want to achieve in your life, in the short, medium or long term and how you can make the changes and take the actions you want to achieve them, whether that be confidence building or working together to create a personal development plan.

Coaching sessions usually take place on the telephone, face to face or via Skype, run for 45 minutes and cost £45 per session or £270 for six sessions (including a 1.5 hour workshop). I offer a 10% discount on fees for sessions completed between 9.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Thursday. Face to face coaching is available in Bath area.

Training, Qualifications & Experience:

I am a qualified life coach and have the LCH Diploma in Life Coaching. I have trained with Europe’s life coaching pioneer, Curly Martin, and also with the UK College of Life Coaching.

I previously worked in Public Relations up to managing director level over twenty years for global and UK based, blue chip businesses, brands and charities. Core skills include business development, strategic planning, operations and implementation, problem solving, new business and presentations, people management, delegation, training and marketing integration.

On a personal level, I am a working mum of two and, after over 20 years in industry, now run my own business. I appreciate the challenges of juggling career and family and the desire to make the most of what you have. I've managed teams of people and know what work expects from you and what I would expect from those I employed. I've talked myself out of jobs and coached myself into my ideal life and now have a portfolio career and blended life.

I have relevant experience and expertise both professionally and personally to encourage and support you to overcome the unique and varied obstacles you encounter day to day.

Please visit my website: if you want to find out more about me and my areas of expertise.

Areas of life coaching I deal with:

Charity Volunteer Work
Redundancy Coaching
Staff Coaching
Work/Life Balance

I specialise in life (personal development), career and confidence coaching. Many of us suffer from self doubt and could do with a confidence boost as well as a clear sense of direction. Life is a juggling act at the best of times and we can lose sight of all the balls let alone keep them all in the air. Life coaching will enable you to review your whole life and work out what is important about each of the aspects of your life and how to enhance and elevate them.

Work can make up a huge part of our lives and can take over if we're not careful - while it only make up a fraction of our life circle, it can invade all areas of our life, not least because it funds what we can do in so many areas of our life. You may be considering a complete change or just require a few tweaks to the way work is going currently to make a real difference across your life. Life coaching can help you gain clarity about what is important to you and what change is required to potentially not only improve your work life but your life outside of work.


Mel, Bristol

“I have turned to Sally many times during my career, she was a really important part of my successful progression from manager to director level and someone who helps you to really see the bigger picture and work out what’s important to you and how to get what you want. What sets Sally apart from other career & life coaches is that she has had a very successful career herself holding senior positions in fast paced businesses. This means that when you’re talking to her about the challenges you face in and out of work she gets where you’re coming from and understands exactly what it’s like to be in that position. I would recommend her highly to professional women who want to get some clarity and focus in to their lives in and outside of the workplace.”

Liz, London

“Being coached by Sally proved invaluable to me both personally and professionally at a time when I was juggling the demands of establishing a new job role whilst preparing for the arrival of my first child. Sally helped me to identify my core values and align these to a set of personal and professional goals to keep me focused during a time of significant change, whilst being a great sounding board and source of advice along the way.”

Online life coaching available
Telephone life coaching available
Face to face life coaching available

Name: Sally Bradford - Dip HCL

Phone: 07976 317694



Country/Area: Bath