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Leadership Consultant and Author

One of the most important qualities of any coach or mentor is experience. After more than forty years working in, running and building businesses of various sizes, including a substantial one of his own, this is something Nigel has in spades. Add to this a profound interest in people, a level of empathy rarely found in business and finely honed professional skills and you will go a long way before you find someone both as willing and able as he to support you on your path, be it personal or professional.

Nigel’s long experience at CEO level in international business means he truly understands the problems such people face daily on every level. He sees the key to unlocking leadership potential as people learning how to really listen to one another and in so doing create the space for them to genuinely think for themselves. No one knows better how to solve a problem or a challenge than the person facing it. Creating the time and space for someone to do that is an incredibly rare and valuable commodity. Using his combined skills as a business person with those of a Time to Think Consultant and Coach he allows you, as the client, to form your own opinions, come to your own judgements and take your own actions.

Here are just two areas where he can help:

• The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our actions. This is the way to winning and succeeding in business. Nigel can help you do both.

• Having the ideas is one thing, presenting them well another. Nigel can help you develop your presentation skills beyond measure. He is mentor to many public speakers but particularly to the four times finalist and twice winner of the UK and All Ireland International Speech Contest.

His book Love at Work (go to for more detail) contains much of his accumulated wisdom and is set to become a standard business school text if its early reviews are anything to go by.


Phone: 01483 211 376



Country/Area: SURREY