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Career Coaching in Surrey UK

With Jenny Littlejohn

Do you want to find your ideal job?

* Are you at a career crossroads?
* Are you confused about your career options?
* Do you feel held back in your current position?
* Have you been made redundant and unsure which direction to take?
* Do you want to improve your working relationships and prospects?
* Do you think there must be something better out there, but not sure what it is?

If you answered yes to any of the above then as a Career Coach, I can help you to:

* Increase clarity and motivation to help you find your ideal job
* Overcome any fears that may be holding you back
* Discover who you are, what you do best and what motivates you
* Create clear, realistic goals and action plans
* Increase your confidence and self-belief
* Unleash your courage, drive and potential in your search for your ideal work and purpose.

Contact me today for a FREE consultation and to find out how I can help you find your ideal work.

Name: Jenny Littlejohn

Phone: 07950 956861



Country/Area: Surrey UK