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Career Coaching in Toronto, Canada

With Cosmic Coaching Centre

I am Cecile Peterkin, career coach, career guidance counselor, and owner of Cosmic Coaching Centre. I have been helping middle managers and executives achieve success for over 17 years. I have created personal development and online career counseling strategies and products that help you tap into your talents, take control of your life, and discover a more enjoyable way to live and work.

Since 1989 I’ve been helping people improve their lives, at work and at home. My career counseling services are geared primarily toward middle managers and their various challenges. I’ve found that middle managers are in the unenviable "sandwich position," experiencing dissatisfaction and conflict every day of their lives. They often struggle to get promoted and lack the confidence to leave a job that no longer serves their needs.

I publish "Recipes for Success", a Free monthly ezine on living your best life both personally and professionally. I am also the author of a Career Management e-book, The Career Athlete. My articles and tips have appeared in several publications.

Seeking to help women, children and the disadvantaged to uncover the joy in their own lives, I am actively involved in the community through various volunteer organizations.

Name: Cosmic Coaching Centre

Phone: 416-782-5001



Country/Area: Toronto, Canada