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Career Coaching in London

With Cheryl King

Would you Like to be Brave Enough to Leave Your Job and Embark on a Completely New Career?

What stops you?

When it comes to stepping outside of our comfort zone and making a potentially life-enhancing change, the fears we have are many:

  • I’m overwhelmed by all the possibilities
  • I’m scared of change – better the devil you know
  • I don’t have the time
  • What would my peers think?
  • I’m too old/young
  • I lack the confidence to do anything else
  • I have financial commitments to maintain – paying the bills
  • I have other people who depend on me to keep doing what I’m doing. 

Which ones apply to you? Maybe there are other reasons not on the list.

Next, ask yourself the question: ‘What are the consequences of me staying where I am, in the long-term?’ Take a minute to think about what will happen to your relationships, health, personal growth etc if you don’t change your current situation. Not pretty, is it?

With the right support all of these challenges can be overcome. There is a way of breaking free of the fear of leaving your dead-end job. But first, we’d work together to identify what it is you would absolutely love to do, put a realistic plan in place to get you there and then you’d take the necessary steps to get you there much quicker than if you were going it alone.

The result? You’d:

  • Start the week off full of anticipation and excitement because you were going to be doing something you love
  • Stop feeling the Monday morning blues on a Sunday night
  • Enjoy a renewed sense of energy and excitement about what you do and look forward to doing it
  • Watch the other areas of your life, such as your health or relationships, transform
  • Feel more fulfilled and content as you do more meaningful work
  • Create a better work life balance

These are the benefits of doing a life-changing career change, rather than just hoping to get lucky finding the job of your dreams.

Three years ago I took a brave step. I left the comfort zone of my job of 8 years (not the right strategy for everyone!) because I was bored. I re-trained as a Life Coach and 18 months ago set up my own business, IdealLife Coaching. My mission is now to help people like you escape your career misery to start your own career transformation journey.

So, what’s your next step? Well, as I see it you can either close this page and continue hoping that things will get better. Or you can take action and get one step closer to transforming not just your career, but also your life. If the latter appeals to you more, call me on 020 7998 8813 or email me at to arrange a free no obligation ½ hour chat to find out if I can help you on your journey. There’ll be a career change package to suit you. Visit


Name: Cheryl King

Phone: 020 7998 8813



Country/Area: London