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Career Coaching in Gloucestershire / UK / Worldwide (Skype)

With Denise Taylor AMAZING PEOPLE


Amazing People is one of the very few career coaching services in the UK that combines coaching with a highly qualified career psychologist alongside reputable psychometric assessments and in-depth career coaching sessions.  The combination of these psychometric assessments, inventories, responses to creative exercises and coaching sessions allows us to build up a profile of ability, personality, interests, values and more thus giving you the knowledge to make effective career choices.

Whether you are a student or graduate wanting to make a good start to a career or a career changer who now realises that you don't get job satisfaction Denise will be able to help.


Career Discovery - Helping you understand who you are to make effective career choices.

Job Search - CVs, Interview and Assessment Centre Coaching, Personal Branding, Effective job search techniques.

Career Management - Techniques to get promoted or to be more effective at work, to deal with a difficult boss, to work out how you want to flex your life between work and a personal life.

Psychometrics - For personal development, career discovery and practice ability/personality testing sessions. Including the MBTI, Firo B, Talent Q and many more.

Self Employment - Whether you want to start your own business or a side project.

Young People - Making choices for A levels, University and early career planning. With the high costs of going to University it's essential to focus on what and why.

60+ - Time to plan for your third age. Retirement, work, when you reach a very old age, your legacy …

Work with Denise  on a one to one basis or choose an online programme such as and


Denise is a Chartered Psychologist, a distinctive title that can only be used if you have completed the training and meet the standards set forth by the BPS.  She is the winner of 2 national career awards, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Registered Professional with the Career Development Institute. Author of 7 books including 'How To Get A Job In A Recession' and 'Now You've Been Shortlisted'  and the eBook - 'How To Use LinkedIn To Find A New Job'.

It's not just about the qualifications. Denise is noted as being creative, visionary, and fun to work with. She's been working in this area for well over 20 years but doesn’t focus on the past, she loves to gather new information and resources to best serve her clients.


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With best wishes for your future, Denise x


Name: Denise Taylor - AMAZING PEOPLE

Phone: 01684 772888 and 07931 303367



Country/Area: Gloucestershire / UK / Worldwide (Skype)