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Career Coaching in Thames Valley, London

With Alchemy In Company

Career Coaching and Consulting Alchemy in Company


Recognising that it can be difficult to know what you need when looking at career support, Alchemy in Company has created some options to help you. The content of the work is always tailored to your needs and the structure of the coaching relationship can be as well.

1. Career Development

What? Coaching around ‘next steps’ in your existing career path For People who: •are keen to take the next step - a promotion or next role •want help to overcome any barriers to progress Outcomes Objective discussion and feedback, insights, increased confidence to take the next step and an action plan.

2. New Directions

What? An objective review of your career to date, conversations and exercises to determine a personal design for work, that you would love to do. For People who •want to fully understand what they offer in order to explore wider options for work. •are toying with an idea to change career direction, have an idea but are not certain and/or there is “a lot to lose/gain”. •are committed to changing career direction but are unclear what would suit them well Outcomes Your personal ‘design for work’ and career options/ideas that meet your design and require further exploration.

3. Self-Marketing

What? Coaching and consulting on how to find opportunities and how to sell yourself on paper and in person. This covers CVs, letters, networking, interviewing – normally by phone and email. For People who •experience difficulties selling themselves •struggle to get interviews for roles they are suitable for •have problems securing the roles that are right for them Outcomes Increased confidence to market yourself, a great, generic CV and knowledge to modify your own marketing materials as required. Improved networking and interviewing skills.

4. Comprehensive Career Support

What? Coaching and consulting around career development, career change and marketing until you are in a role or have set up in business, for a period up to 12months. For People who •want all-inclusive career support to make a change. Outcomes Appropriate support to find new and satisfying work.

Typical Results

Typical results achieved on discrete projects:

•c50% of clients made redundant from a company had secured new roles within 3 mths
•75% of clients moved into new roles within/external to an organisation within 6 mths
•42% of female clients wishing to ‘return to the workforce’, started their own businesses

The implementation timeframe for significant career change depends on several factors, including whether you are changing role, industry or both.

About Alchemy in Company

Lucia, who is the Director of Alchemy in Company, is known for her calm, straightforward yet humorous approach. Naturally insightful and empathic, she is also extremely practical and professional. She makes a difference with clients by sensitively and supportively challenging their preconceptions. For the past 4 years, Lucia has coached and consulted with more than 500 people. Her previous business experience as a financial professional and project manager in both blue chip and smaller companies adds valuable depth and breadth to discussions.

What clients say:

“This has been an eye opening experience not to be missed. We don’t always take time out to actually think about what we want to achieve. We are too busy working. You won’t get given answers, but you are helped to find the answers yourself.” – Jan Burchmore, Director

“The coaching drew on my own strengths, made me think about what I really want, why and how I am going to achieve it. I found that the discussion sessions helped me to unravel my thought processes and put them into some sort of working order.” - F Thomson, Consultant

“I enjoy your counsel–it’s always so wise, grounded, direct, yet playful.” - Paula Young, PWC

Name: Alchemy In Company

Phone: 01252 712952



Country/Area: Thames Valley, London