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Career Coaching in Liverpool

With Sue Gannon

What life coaching is about

As we get caught up in the day-to-day activities of life, we never get the time or chance to think about what direction we really want to go in. Most of us don’t even know. Before we realise, time has passed and we are no closer to doing those things we dreamt of, having the lifestyle we wanted, being the person we wanted to be.

Coaching is where you have your very own space each week totally dedicated to you, your life and wants. And most importantly, taking action to make it happen.

What can life coaching do for you

Life coaching provides support, structure and encouragement to help you determine what you want your life to be like, fulfill your potential, make the most of your life and move forward in the areas which you want to change. This can be anything from spiritual pursuits, relationships, career, work life balance, self-confidence, money management, moving home etc.

About me

I decided to change my life some 10 years back when feeling somewhat “lost” and without purpose eventhough I had a good career as an accountant, good friends etc. I moved to London for 2 years before travelling and working in Asia for over 2 years during which time I worked as an English teacher, head hunter, volunteer for the Tibetan Government in various places including Tokyo, India and Tibet.

On my return to the UK, I qualified with The Coaches Training Institute, (in London and the US) and qualified with The Faculty of Astrological Studies. I am also a qualified accountant and my business background equips me with planning and strategic skills, which can be used in life coaching. I relate easily to people from all cultures, backgrounds and experience, and most important – have a sense of humour (I am from Liverpool after all!).

I have at time taken big risks in my life and lived outside my comfort zone. Most notably, when I turned up in Japan with only $200, no credit card, no job, no ticket home, no place to stay, didn’t know anybody. I ended up living in the “Beverley Hills” of Tokyo. Not that I struck it rich, I just learned to trust, hang on in there, and go with the flow of life and take each day as it came.

Warm wishes

Name: Sue Gannon

Phone: 0151 259 9384



Country/Area: Liverpool