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Career Coaching in London

With Peppermint Giraffe Nigel Wood

Peppermint Giraffe stands for fun, down-to-earth and flexible personal development - and seeing people wanting to come back for more. What else would you ask for when you're after something fresh and stretching�?!

Who is your coach?

My name is Nigel Wood, and I am a qualified Business Psychologist and Coach with over 11 years of success in the field of people development. Words that people have used to describe me include: balanced, considerate, fun and down-to-earth.

What is career coaching?

Coaching, for me, is about helping people be the best they can be. The career coaching I provide helps people find the right direction for their career, develop a plan for how they are going to get there, and (for those who need it) understand the application and interview skills they will need.

My ultimate objective is to help you gain the confidence to go for what you want and be happier in what you do.

Typical clientele

I work with clients who feel stuck in their current career or are looking for a new one. Typically, those who get the most out of my coaching:

- want to be challenged to find their own answers, rather than simply told what's best for them - are willing to put in the work that will make their life as good as it should be - live in London and want to meet face-to-face

My clients come from all sorts of industries (including marketing, finance, travel, engineering, media, and local government) and are typically in a managerial/ executive role or are aspiring to one.

Next steps

Call me! (If leaving a message, just leave your name, number and when you'd ideally like me to return your call). I'll be happy to answer your questions and your initial consultation is completely free and without obligation. Alternatively, an email address is opposite if you would prefer to communicate that way to begin with.

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Name: Peppermint Giraffe - Nigel Wood

Phone: 0845 257 3224 (daytime) / 07973 780 810



Country/Area: London