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Career Coaching in South East England

With NVW Solutions

Are you stuck in your job and don't know what to do next?
Are you at a cross roads in your career and need a clearer direction?
Have you been made redundant and want a fresh start?
Do you want to assess your current role and see how it fits your strengths?
Are you coming back on to the job market and don't know where to start?

At times like this it could be useful for you to have somebody who is totally detached and focused on you to support your thinking going forward.

Whilst the world keeps rushing on,time can often stop still for the individual who feels left out in the cold.

People close to you are often too close and it may be you need space too consider the various options.

What strengths and abilities do you have and are they transferable to other sectors?

What do you really enjoy doing in your job, perhaps you can do more of this going forward?

Although Neil has had a successful business career in sales, operations and as a managing director he has been through the "ups and downs" of a typical career in the present day such as;-

Employer goes into liquidation and in a fortnight both family breadwinners are no longer earning

Employer insists Neil's desk is cleared in the evening so no farewells are allowed to staff where relationships had been built over 5 years

It is these times when you get to know who your friends are and how long days can be when the world keeps rolling on.

By going through these experiences together with being a trained coach and conducting many coaching sessions Neil can help put you in a better place through one of his career coaching programmes either face to face or on the telephone

Coaching Style

Using his intuition and empathy, Neil seeks out the "real" reasons behind blockages then digs deep to resolve them. He relates to most people, builds rapport and helps to improve their self awareness- helps them see the impact their actions have on others.

Coaching testimonial

"Neil is very easy to speak to, able to help you see where you are with more clarity, and so find the best way forward for you. He is able to always keep sight of the bigger picture helping you find balance in your life and helping you to use your time more effectively. Coaching and mentoring from Neil williams is a great investment in yourself"

Training and Qualifications

CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision (2008)
Prism Personal Performance Mapping facilitator (2006)
International Teaching Seminars NLP Coach (2006)
ITS Master Practitioner in NLP (2005)
Practitioner in NLP (1997)
Diploma in Marketing (1989)now Fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing
Fellow of Chartered Insurance Institute (1977)

Name: NVW Solutions

Phone: 01892 521871



Country/Area: South East England