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Career Coaching in West London

With Marie Taylor

Are you...
LOVING your career - but HATE that it's taken over your waking days?


Do YOU WANT TO CHANGE yourself or your situation?

Are you ready to take control of your career - to be truly responsible for it? To live your best life?

'Career and a Life' is here to support you in…

Actively managing your career
· Transform your working life from the drudgery of doing to a dynamic experience where YOU are in control of your future.
· Change your days and weeks of drifting through life like a passenger to living a purposeful fulfilling life where your work-life balance suits you.
Learn strategies and tools that with enable you and those around you to live your best life on purpose.

Marie specialises in coaching and training exceptional people who want to maximise their potential. She Is a highly experienced coach with over 15 years experience of career and personal coaching. Marie's professional background is in HR where she spent 20 years working with and managing people, much of her experience being at Board level. Marie works with clients throughout the UK and Internationally. She is also committed to providing affordable practical solutions to enable everyone to access resources to support their career and personal development.

She is an NLP master, a qualified coach, a trained hypnotherapist and holds degrees from London and Cambridge Universities.She is a qualified assessor(BPS) able to undertake a range of psychometric tests (personality, preferences and aptitude) with clients where required

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Name: Marie Taylor

Phone: 0208 5674317



Country/Area: West London