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Career Coaching in Southampton Hampshire

With Lorna Bevan


What will it do for me ?

These clients made big changes-so can you

from being an IT executive in a large company to setting up his own business importing furniture
from working as charity manager in London to becoming a successful landscape gardener in London and Italy
from working in accountancy to owning a flourishing beauty spa
from redundancy to a much better paid role in a European company
from depression following redundancy to achieving a PH.D and a lecturer's post at a university

What is Firework Career Coaching ?

This is a nationally accredited Career Coaching Programme which takes you step by step from not knowing what your perfect career match would be or changing your current job to enjoying a new career.

It works whether you're an entrepreneur wanting more creativity and business ideas or if you're someone who's employed. It works if you're a student wondering where to invest your hard earned qualifications for the most satisfying future. It works if you're unemployed or have been at home bringing up children.

There are exercises to move you forward between coaching sessions which build into a fantastic career portfolio. My coaching is completely tailored to you, your personality, your skills, values and life experience. Everyone is unique, so our work is unique.
The process is well tested.

Explore - Dream- Experience


This is the essential starting point for you to uncover vital self-knowledge, to find out what makes you tick and what you have to offer to the world. You learn what your core values are, what your passions are and evaluate your strengths and achievements.


This is where you'll be developing work themes leading to a range of career possibilities using the spectrum of possibilities process. You then choose three of these possibilities to create visions, the most powerful of which is further developed in the final phase.


In this phase ,you will be working with the vision to create a plan to make it into a reality. You clarify your vision, take a hard look at your current reality, generate a bridge to span the gap between the two and then translate that into an action plan.

About Lorna

I am a highly qualified Personal and Career Coach, NLP Master Coach and Psychotherapist. You can choose between Telephone Coaching or Face to Face Coaching, whichever fits in with your schedule. My wide experience ranges from working with private individuals to employees of multi-national companies and includes being a Clinician with one of the world's largest EAP and solution-focused therapy companies, PPC Worldwide.

To arrange a free introductory session ,please phone or e-mail me.

Name: Lorna Bevan

Phone: 02380 873688



Country/Area: Southampton Hampshire