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Career Coaching in London / Home Counties

With Kayode Olatuyi

Widely referred to as 'The Career Mentor', 'The Catalyst' and Mr Motivator, this caring and restless Coach has just the ideas and information you require to advance your career. His crafty tools were developed over 10 years of professional Coaching and 20 years of employment in 13 varied roles across 7 industries in several countries of 2 continents, he is adequately placed to equip you to overcome the maladies that has plagued and destroyed many careers including:

***Low Self Confidence
***Poor Communication/Public Speaking
***Poor Negotiation
***Poor Self Marketing

His is out to shake things up. He is on a mission to discover your Critical Advantage, shine light so you can avoid on your path career success. Then he demands you to take radical action. He does not go away, he hangs around...just in case you need some support. 'The Voice' newspaper called him a Dedicated Support System. In any case he is out to ensure that you take maximum profits from your talents.

Find out about his radical 1-2-1 or group Coaching and Mentoring programmes might transform you.

Name: Kayode Olatuyi

Phone: 07904 896 343 / 0203 287 9198



Country/Area: London / Home Counties