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Career Coaching in Europe

With Jessica McGregor Johnson

I have worked as a coach for a number of years now and I just love working with people who are wanting to create true fulfilment through their career. Often people fall into what ends up being their career, rather than choosing it. A parental preference, a need to fit in with peers, a way to make money fast, a career that seems safe and will give security. It was not a conscious choice then, but now it can be.

Most of the people I work with are successful at what they do. However outward success does not always equal inward fulfilment. You might like the skills you employ but do not like the environment you work in or the values of the company you work for. You might feel like you wished your work had an element of service in it, a giving back.

That?s where I come in. I help you take an in-depth look at what you do and determine how you can create fulfilling work. Sometimes it is a complete change, sometimes a slight adjustment. A lot of the times I work with people who have decided that they want to be the boss from now on. They want to create the work they do, set the working environment, decide how many hours a day and which hours - I know someone who only works between 10.00pm and 1.00am! These would-be business owners see that they have the experience and the know-how (or most of it, sometimes it takes some retraining) and they want to go out and do it for themselves. It is truly satisfying to run your own business, to create something that has you stamped all over it.

So often good ideas are extinguished before they can see the light of day because people do not know where to start, cannot see a way to get things moving. Life Fulfillment Coaching helps you create it from the ground up, empowers you to believe in yourself and your abilities, sticks by you when the going gets rough, and believes in you.

If the lack of this clarity, support or vision is what is stopping you moving forward in your career/job/vocation then give me a call or drop me an email to arrange a free introductory session so we can discuss you, your needs and how I can help.

You can call me on +34 958 593 639 or email your details to, plus a couple of good times for me to a call you (either on your landline or by skype) and we can arrange a time. For more information take a look at my website at I am also available on skype, my skype name is jessicamcgj.

Name: Jessica McGregor Johnson

Phone: +34 958 639 593



Country/Area: Europe