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Career Coaching in Midlands/Warwickshire, UK

With Insights Consulting

At a cross roads in your life or career? Want help in exploring your vision? Develop a new vision for your life? What do you want, anyway, and how can you work it out?

Find your balance between goals, needs and relationships through understanding yourself better. Particular interest in personality type and the ways your personality can impact work and life choices, relationships, faith and how you handle stress.

Tailored programme according to your needs.

Also do MBTI team workshops to help your team or church understand each other better and explore the issues around team culture, communication, change, leadership style, etc.

>> Licensed to use the Firework career coaching programme
>> Qualified and experienced MBTI practitioner
>> Certified Leadership Coach (ICF accredited)
>> International Coach Federation ACC credentialed

Name: Insights Consulting

Phone: 07857 644337



Country/Area: Midlands/Warwickshire, UK