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With Emily Anneliese

Emily Anneliese: Professional Life Coach

Your Profile

You are a recent graduate or young professional facing some difficult issues at home or work or simply wanting somebody neutral to bounce ideas off:

  • Finding the right career path
  • Enhancing work performance and success
  • Managing difficult work colleagues
  • Managing career stake-holders
  • Adapting to new environments
  • Dealing with distance
  • Making friends in strange places
  • Balancing career and home

Emily’s Profile

Since graduating from Imperial College, London Emily has followed a glittering career in the food manufacturing industry and as she has progressed from strength to strength within her chosen field she has learned that one of the key reasons for her success has been her ability to understand and work with people.

She has managed various projects both in the UK and countries as diverse as Greece, the US, Canada and Switzerland. She has also been the direct line manager of 22 people in a challenging manufacturing environment.

Managing difficult work and personal situations has become part of the everyday skills Emily has had to develop due to the unique stresses and strains placed on her by her long absences from home, continuously changing work environments and long working hours.

Throughout her working career Emily has always had to work closely with the people around her, coaching and assisting colleagues and her team.

Her interest in psychology and people has helped her enhance her natural ability to coach and train others with excellent results. She has found that not only do her team and colleagues come to her with professional problems but also with more gritty personal dilemmas. Her ability to anticipate problems, listen, understand and help solve those problems has been a one of the key reasons she is viewed as an unofficial coach by many throughout the organisation. It is her passion for helping others that Emily enjoys exploiting in her role as life coach and that ensures that each coaching session explores the issues that really speak to her clients.


Coaching sessions are held by phone.

The first session is a free 20 minute conversation in which to get to know each other and explore the format and topics for future discussions.

The format of the sessions is very flexible and can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Sessions are generally held in the evenings

20 Min Introductory Session Free

½ Hour Coaching Session £10.00

1 Hour Coaching Session £15.00

To arrange your first introductory session contact Emily at

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