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With Debbie Robinson

Hello! What brings you to ‘Find a Coach’ today?

I guess that you are looking for a coach to help you achieve your career goals, boost your confidence and ensure that your motivation doesn’t disappear - right?

Are you facing redundancy, starting in a new role, been newly promoted, or just wanting to lead a healthier, balanced and more satisfying life?

You may be feeling a bit apprehensive or worried and be lacking in confidence and direction. Whatever it is that has sent you on the quest to find a coach today you have made a positive first step, so well done you!

Your questions about coaching might include :

“Will they understand my challenges or will they think I’m silly?”

"Can a coach help me create my USP and improve my job search?"

“Will having a coach really help me clarify my goals and direction? “

"Can a coach help me prioritise what I need to do first in my new role?"

"Can a coach help me boost my confidence in interviews?"

"Can a coach help me overcome the feeling of rejection, failure, sadness and anger following redundancy?"

“How do I select the right coach for me?”

Questions, questions, questions……..

Let me help you out!

I set up Top Performance Coaching in 2008 following a successful career in IT sales. I just love helping people achieve their goals and get such a thrill when they recognise that they are in control of their own lives and it is they that have the options and choices to improve or enhance their lives. It is a really empowering experience and one I highly recommend to everyone. I love the practice so much I have switched careers and became a full time coach achieving one of my dreams!

I am a qualified coach, having studied with The Coaching Academy, the largest coach training company in Europe. I am committed to a lifetime of personal development and I am currently studying towards becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP.

I have a no-nonsense, down to earth style and will challenge and encourage you to achieve your goal. I am fun to work with and will really support you on your journey- each and every twist and turn!

Making the right choice of coach is vital. You and your chosen coach must hit it off! This might take a couple of sessions to achieve but ultimately you need to trust and respect your coach if the relationship is to be truly empowered.

I know you want to make your goals happen and as you work through your options during our coaching sessions, more will come to you. I don’t know how quickly you will achieve your goals but you will have the satisfaction of achieving them, as you will find overcoming obstacles easier. Working with me is proven to speed up goal achievement.

Do you want to reach your true potential? Ring me today on 01793 875783

Name: Debbie Robinson

Phone: 01793 875783



Country/Area: UK