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Business Coaching in Personal Development Coaching

With Tanya Sergant

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll wind up someplace else" Yogi Berra

Wise words, but it's not always easy to be clear about what we want, and where we are going in life, whether in a personal capacity or from a work perspective. The one thing in life that we can rely on is change - it happens, sometimes when we least expect or want it, and we have to manage it.

Personal Development Coaching simply reflects the fact that you are coming to Coaching in a private capacity as an individual rather than as someone's employee, probably because you are stuck with something and can't see the way forward. Coaching can help with managing change, making decisions, finding balance, and in those times when we simply feel we have lost our way, and need to build a sense of purpose and meaning back into our lives.

My Coaching style is values based, because I believe that your values are the guiding principles for your life and work. Taking time to understand your core values lays the foundation for Coaching success. Non-directive, pragmatic and results focussed, our coaching work together should be challenging, revealing and enjoyable, and it should get results.

"I find these sessions incredibly helpful. Every time I leave with more awareness and perspective about what the current situation is all about and a clear understanding of the course of action I can take to improve it and achieve the goals I have set. What I love about these coaching sessions is that they enable me to come up with the "Answer"and this leaves me with a feeling of empowerment about how I can really craft my life. Another thing is the level of awareness of me, what I really want, what my values are, and if they are really reflected in the actions I am taking in my life". RV, London.

I do not have a fixed package structure since I aim to remain flexible to accommodate individual needs, so please do contact me for a chat about how coaching might help you. No hard sell, I promise.

Academy of Executive Coaching : Intermediate Diploma and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.
Affiliate Member of Association for Coaching UK.


Name: Tanya Sergant

Phone: 07785938327



Country/Area: Personal Development Coaching