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Business Coaching in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

With Sue Lickorish, Infusion Coaching & Development

ENERGISING POSITIVE CHANGE - your Ultimate Guide on the Side. Executive and Team Coaching, Creative Facilitation, Strategic Planning.

**infusion helps indidviduals and teams to grow delightfully, move forward with vigour, and bring about positive change**

"Sue Lickorish is wise beyond her years, and her enthusiastic embrace of both the ideas and the disciplines of NLP and coaching marks her out as a future leader in the field."
Michael Neill, Success Coach and best selling author of "Supercoach", "You Can Have What You Want" and "Feel Happy Now",

We're committed to helping you make a difference in your world. But how, exactly?

Executive Coaching:
Do you want well-focused and excellent-value-for-time-and-money support to develop your management style, your confidence, your communication or presentation skills? We won't keep you in a long relationship (unless you want to!) You will be surprised what one to three super-effective sessions can achieve, saving you time and money in the long run.

Team Coaching:
Do you know your team is good and you want to be better? Or are you maybe struggling with conflict, demotivation or you've lost your way a bit? We can help you to reinvigorate and refocus your team on what really matters to you and your clients.

Creative Facilitation & Strategic Planning:
Do you need to get a group of people working together on an issue and want to ensure you get the best out of them? We create and facilitate high energy, positive workshops and meetings that enable you to move forward purposefully and ensure everyone feels heard. Infusion specialises in Solutions-Focused coaching and facilitation.

"I cannot thank you enough for your help and support over the last two days and before. I was extremely pleased with the progress we have made and I have had some very positive feedback." Helen Niven, Head of Student Services, The Open University.

Name: Sue Lickorish, Infusion Coaching & Development

Phone: 01908 587004 / 07930 269774


Website:  http://infusion coaching & development: coming soon!

Country/Area: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom