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Business Coaching in West Yorkshire

With Sandra Rutter

I am a qualified coach, with a wealth of experience. I am able to work at individual, team and organisational level.

I have experience of working with clients on personal development objectives; in some cases this has been in respect of interpersonal skills; helping line managers get the best out of their teams or working with an individual within a team. I have worked with people on increasing their personal impact, developing greater self confidence, assertiveness and on specific areas such as planning, delivering effective presentations and time management.

Sometimes clients benefit from 1:1 support in managing a personal change, such as when a talented employee is promoted to a bigger role and is struggling to either define the role or to perform to the expected level.

I am an experienced career coach - I can support managers through change initiatives, and specifically in respect of redundancies or situations where jobs are changing due to technological advances impacting how employees undertake their roles.

The benefits of coaching are often greater than many other development options as coaching is specific to the client and there is an ongoing commitment from the coach to the client over a period of time. This approach ensures that the client can learn new skills or behaviours and embed those whilst being supported by their coach.

Generally, clients benefit from 6 - 8 sessions, over a number of weeks or months.

Name: Sandra Rutter

Phone: 07799 470775



Country/Area: West Yorkshire