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Business Coaching in London, UK, Europe, Worldwide

With Olivia Graham BA (Hons), MSc.

Olivia works as an independent Coaching and Business Psychologist. Her focus is on performance and development - accelerating the professional and personal growth of individuals. Her speciality is "Power Hour" coaching - a single, highly intensive solution-focused discussion at the point of need, for individuals facing personal or organisational dilemmas. Olivia has both public and private sector clients, including Arup, Barclays, Mckinsey, KPMG, The London Business School, The Met Office, National School of Government and RBK&C.

A lifetime of corporate experience combined with a psychological background informs her coaching. She offers an impartial perspective, practical strategies for change, and ongoing support during implementation. Her marked lucidity of mind and ability to ask incisive questions quickly enables her clients to establish appropriate responses to opportunities and problems. Individuals leave sessions focused and reenergised, with levels of clarity that had previously eluded them.

Typically Olivia works with people transitioning through change - be it change of career, role, resources, funding, or desired outcomes. Clients find direction and purpose, noting improvements around issues such as self-belief, decision making, influencing skills, managing upwards and downwards, dealing with conflict, prioritising, time-management, delegation, communication, achieving work/life balance.

The many additional tools she brings as a business psychologist allow objective assessments to be made on issues crucial to success. She works with clients to identify challenges and concerns, moving them to a position where they work to their strengths. Building self-awareness is the first step to developing strategies to manage self and others more effectively, and Olivia often begins coaching assignments with 360o feedback and MBTI.

Olivia is a member of The Association of Business Psychologists (ABP); The British Psychological Society's Special Group in Coaching (BPS SGCP); and The Association for Coaching (MAC). She is a certified coach with (ICF recognised) Results Coaching Systems, and Henley Management College.

Name: Olivia Graham BA (Hons), MSc.

Phone: 020 7589 7309



Country/Area: London, UK, Europe, Worldwide