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Business Coaching in London & International

With Michelle Hammond

Cutting edge, Performance Boosting Coaching & Mentoring Programmes:

Managing or operating a business requires vision, determination and skill, not only in the delivery of consistent quality and productivity in the facility and services you provide, but in the managing and developing of yourself and your people.

Business Coaching with the Spa Business DOCTOR will support you to:

* Recognise and maximise your full potential
* Improve your performance while enhancing your knowledge, skills and financial productivity
* It will bring clarity and lateral perspectives to your goals and aspirations
* Empower you to bring about RESULTS quickly and effectively

NB: These programmes are only suitable for individuals serious about making changes and improving the quality and productivity of their lives and careers.

Are you ready to POWER BOOST your performance?

Take action CALL Michelle today on +44 (0) 7974 129234.

Coaching is all about RESULTS

'93% of Executives who have received coaching would strongly recommend it to others'
Right Management Consultants

Ask yourself if you can afford not to:

* Enhance your focus and performance
* Increase your agility, flexibility and productivity
* Deliver greater effectiveness, efficiency, profit and competitiveness
* Be an inspirational leader
* Build stronger relationships with colleagues and peers
* Recruit and retain the best industry talent
* Easily transfer and apply knowledge and ideas into practise
* Engage with passion and vision
* Action positive changes
* Effectively set goals and achieve them
* Increase self-awareness and intuition
* Experience more time and a better life balance

"The seeds of today are the fruits of tomorrow"

As your coach and mentor, the Spa Business DOCTOR will:
Listen; Clarify; Reflect back; Re-affirm; Question; Challenge; Create Awareness; Observe and Give Constructive Feedback.

Throughout the Power Boosting Programme we will work on specific business issues and / or your personal performance and behaviours. Together, we design actions, agree goals and manage progress against the results that YOU and your business require.

About the Power Boosting & Performance Enhancing Programmes:

All coaching and performance programmes are supported, in addition to the face to face sessions, by real time support via phone, email and / or fax throughout the duration of the coaching and mentoring partnership.

Our coaching and mentoring programmes are RISK FREE - If you do not feel that the power boosting coaching and mentoring programme has given you the results you wanted we will provide you with a full refund. No questions. NO quibbles.

Our coaching and mentoring programmes are sold in blocks of time to give you the ultimate in flexibility.
Coaching times can range from 15minute Power Boosting Focus Sessions through to 2 hour Intensive Blocks.

Take ACTION today: Call 01628 789768 OR +44 (0) 7974 129234

Let us help you drive your business!

Name: Michelle Hammond

Phone: +44 (0) 7974 129234



Country/Area: London & International